Welcome 2017!

This is the post excerpt.


With the New Year here, I have decided to move forward with a new branch of learning incorporated with technology. I am a bit unsure of how this all works, but am willing to learn and meet new people along this voyage. I encourage respectful, constructive criticism- it helps me to become a more open and accepting person while learning to understand other perspectives. Another day given is another day of learning. Life can be simple- your perspective is what makes it.


You’re a Butterfly~

Sir Elton John- a bit controversial for some, a talent to be reckoned with for others. For me, a fabulous artist who has lasted through many decades. His talent is beyond words. 

I have been listening to his music lately. His eccentric, flamboyant personality – for me- is refreshing, entertaining and enjoyable. The  words of his songs have brought back some pretty incredible memories. 

You’re a butterfly… and butterflies are free to fly….

These words have been in my head most of the day today. Giving wings  (encouragement, belief in themselves to others) can really boost someones spirit, and the power they feel from that it immeasurable. I watched someone grow many inches today. It is just amazing how keeping situations in a positive level can really create an atmosphere of nurturing coexistence. I am feeling really great about the day I had. I encourage you to spread your wings; give that positive gesture, comment, smile. It is a win-win. 

Fly on baby, fly on.


For the Love of Friendship

Today I am dedicating my post to one of the most loving, kind, caring, forgiving, thoughtful, accepting people I know…. my oldest brother. We were brought together when he was a teen and I was a bit younger. At first we fought like most siblings do, but my brother and I created a bond of love and friendship that has one of my most treasured friendships.

Our growing up years were not – in my opinion- the best. As an adult, I can say that I feel our childhood did have some good childhood days, but it was dysfunctional in so many ways. My other siblings may disagree and that’s fine. To each his own. Anyway-

It wasn’t until recently that family events brought us back together. It is unfortunate that we had drifted apart somewhat; he and his family moved out west for opportunities, and when that happens, I will admit, life moved on and contact was not in my radar.  I thought of him often. I know, there’s technology, telephones, snail mail but (and this is no excuse) life kept going. He and his family have come back a number of times, encouraging my husband and I (and others) to make the trip out to see them. But… yea- life.

Anyway, a couple of months ago-out of the blue, I received a message – one that jarred  my thoughts and searched my heart. It was simple, loving, kind  and straight to the point:  Miss ya <3.  How can you not think about your sibling when you receive that?! 

He was here recently- just before Thanksgiving, to be here for his father’s committal which was also  the first day of deer season. The service was at sunrise so the rest of the day could be spent chasing the elusive buck. Needless to say, it has been a very emotional month. The committal went well, he was able to spend time with family and when it was time to leave, he made time to come and see me. It worked out great that he came- and I have to say, it was a day that housework was in full swing,you know, the point where the bomb has gone off and the dust is just settling. I had a day off from work. We visited for quite a while, 2 hours maybe- like time had stood still. There were so many things we needed to talk about and time allowed that. I am sure we could have spent more time together, but he had a time crunch- 

Since that day, we have been communicating every day. It’s nice to have my brother, my 1st best friend, back in my life. I hadn’t thought about it until recently, but I have missed him, more than words can say. It’s incredibly heartwarming to have him back in my heart. I can honestly say- he is the best friend this sister could ever have. 

And it Snowed~

I was not able to blog yesterday as I had no power. I thoroughly enjoyed not having it. The house was quiet, knitting was top on the list, and .. no housework!! Yea!! (I am a firm believer that housework will kill you).

With no power, I had time to ponder the most recent events (and some from my past). Over the Thanksgiving break, I went to visit some very special people. It was long overdue and one of those instances that you kind of dread in the back of your mind. The what-ifs creep in. Let me back up-  When I was a teenager, I worked for these two fabulous people. I waited table in their local cafe. They were people who fully enveloped me and made me feel like their daughter. Anyway, one of them had a stroke and isn’t able to get out or talk, but her  laugh and giggle are still the same, heartwarming and fun. 

I had received a phone call after working an event with the husband. He was selling a crystal piece which I felt would be a perfect Christmas gift. Unfortunately, it was sold during the event, but he was sure he had another! Perfect!  We had made plans for me to go see them over my small break. Let me just say, too much time had passed since we spent time together. When I walked into their home, the nostalgia of emotions were so comforting. It was just as I remembered: the laughter, love and friendship all came flooding back. I will admit- I was very nervous and uncomfortable as I was not sure what to expect. Sometimes when people have mishaps, we tend to think the worst. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I was welcomed with a hug and his  pet name for me – Adrieannie. He warmly announced me as  we made our way down the hallway. When I arrived so that she could see me, she lit up like the sun. It was the most loving moment. I do not have words to describe it. My heart grew.

After a few hugs and moments of warmth, I decided to let her be as she was eating and her care giver was there. Her husband and I made our way back to the kitchen table and we talked for over two hours- we had so much to talk about.  I was able to share parts of my life with him- as if time had waited all these years (I am guessing it has been about 35 years since we all had time together) for this special occasion to be. My heart is full-

In closing, please do not put off what may seem uncomfortable. There are greater things that will happen when you choose to make the positive choice. Oh,and the crystal piece- it is perfect. I traded a jar of homemade jelly for it- even though they said, “Nothing for Adrieannie”. Life is short, and again, out of what I felt was going to be a very cumbersome situation turned out to be a situation I will hold in my heart forever. And, I have decided that I will be making pop-ins more regularly.  We all need that special time. 

Thank God for snow days, quiet times,  fond memories, and the gift of life and giving. Stay well- 


And it is Sunday

As my mini vacation comes to a close and the Christmas holiday nears, I am in the process of gearing up for my work week. I have worked as a Para-educator for approximately 20 years. It is a job I really love, but in some instances, I have to gear myself up to prepare for the unexpected- which really is not unexpected. This is my first year that I feel I need prepare my mindset many hours in advance.

Our school district has merged with a neighboring school district per the state. Personally, I think it is a wonderful opportunity for the students… but- I bet you anticipated this… sometimes the stress of new students collaborating and working cohesively isn’t as easy as it may seem. I will say, this is one of the most stressful years I have  had. 

Every day is a new beginning, which I envelop. As I continue to look for the silver lining within every circumstance, I will polish my mindset as tomorrow nears. Trusting oneself it needed. Making good, level-headed decisions is expected. Getting into conflict – a waste of time- using negative energy spawns bitterness. I have survived a lot this year- I will continue to not only survive, but will conquer as well. 

Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week. Thank you for dropping in- Tomorrow starts anew.


Turning a Negative around-

Having made dinner plans a couple of weeks ago with family, I was pondering what to make. I love to cook for my family, and this  ‘section’ of my family I seldom see. It’s a long, drawn-out story that I am sure will at some point have an ending (or two) that will not match, and I am hopeful it will be a happy one.

Anyway- what to plan. In the midst of my mental prep, I felt that this dinner was not going to happen- even though the parties involved were very sure the date and time would be perfect for them… well, it was not.

Now to get a clear picture, this spoken of family contains a grandchild which we seldom see, so making an appointment -per se- keeps some kind of communication going as well as hope. Well, on our end we are committed. Needless to say, dinner plans were cancelled and my heart broke, yet again.  I immediately put my phone down and refused to text back in the mood I was in…. and thought- make this a positive, make this a positive….  Have I told you how incredibly hard this is?? THIS IS INCREDIBLY HARD!!

I waited at least 35 minutes or more before I responded. They knew I was frustrated as I told them so, and I agreed that their time would work- and offered dinner at the time they suggested. Well, what do you suppose their answer was?? Of course you know- they needed to come early because they were going to a friends (I assume) thanksgiving- so “eating isn’t a good idea”. Yea- slammed again- but still trying to make it a positive. My answer: Ok. We can try again for a dinner opportunity, see you at 2″…..UGGG. I could pull my hair out!! But it’s winter in Vermont, has been Zero degrees the past couple of nights- I don’t like hats- and its too stressful to be negative.  :-/

So, the positive take-aways for me are: I will see part of my family at 2 for a bit of time this afternoon, our grandchild will get to know us a little more, taking an opportunity to make possible dinner plans, and last but not least- the birthday present we still have (from her 2nd July birthday) – our grandchild will receive!! – NO IF’S AND’S OR BUT’S ABOUT IT! 4 positives in this: time with family, getting acquainted with our grandchild,  giving a very delayed birthday gift, and possible ‘tentative’ dinner plans. 

There is a silver lining- always. It may take time to find it, but it is there. Open your heart and mind… it will surface. 

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think- let’s start a conversation.  Until next time- keep the positive rolling ~

And it happened…

Our company came- stayed for a couple of hours, and our grandchild said, “Hi Mimi!” My heart if full.  The gift was well received (fed and loved- a new baby doll), and.. an agreement to get together for dinner sometime soon…. See- it’s all worth finding the positive! All four positives were sought! Thanks you God- 

A Single Shining Star

How are you?

Your pat answer, “I’m doing well, thank you.”

Take one moment and think about how you are – really. I’ll admit- on any given moment, I’m not okay. I live in a body that is, at many times, a whirlwind of emotions. What is ‘doing well’? Can you put your finger on what that truly means?  I am not sure I can with accurate success.

How do you really feel today? Warm and fuzzy? With the holidays just around the corner, I can feel stress and anxiety building, knowing that the shopping trips need to happen, the gift wrapping (world’s worst task) also needs to happen, and then there’s the decisions of who goes where to celebrate and who isn’t  (or won’t) be arriving to spend time with family. Does anyone else have this to contend with? I personally find it very over-whelming. Not the fact that family come and spend time- the fact that, as a very caring individual- who has raised her children to care and be respectful in every aspect of living- it is very difficult to want so badly to have your family unit together for the holidays and in the past three years, it has yet to work out.  So- here’s the “I’m not fine” comment. </3. I am heart broken and sad, but I have to move forward.

In the past, I have taken too much time what-iffing. Worthwhile? Maybe. Effective? Maybe.  Realizing I need to do something different to move forward? Absolutely. I will admit, there are times I wallow in self-pity, but that too is a waste of negative energy. I remind myself that I am a work in progress and I need to get back to work. 

What I have come to realize is: If I matter to them, I will see them. How do I take care of myself emotionally? Well, having a  couple of hobbies, one. Blogging, two. Knowing I matter and need to take care of me, three.  And, just because I don’t really matter to some, doesn’t mean I don’t matter to others. I try to keep the positive going- for me, my husband, and family members that I spend time with. Those are who matter; those are the people who drop by to see you at your most vulnerable states- and love you just as you are.

A single shining star : shine when you are alone. Take the opportunity and time to find the best you. Then you can share your sparkle and  glow  with confidence and pride. 

Shine on~



Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I want to take a bit of your time and introduce you to two amazing creatures. This is Tippy and Cinder. They are the best of friends. 

Tippy came into our home as a Senior Project for my son. Tippy was going to be trained to hunt rabbits- except that he was afraid of the gun shot so  he became my lap dog. When we lost Tippy’s first dog playmate, he was very lethargic, lacked motivation, and I feel he was depressed. My husband works at a dairy farm and had seen this gray cat around for a couple of weeks and decided to bring her home. That was all Tippy needed! A friend <3. These two have been the best of partners.

We recently had to put Tippy down as he was not fairing well. Inside he was still very much a pup, but his body was not up to the task. Truth be known, I believe he had some kind of cancer, but at 13 years old, he lived a very good life. Who else gets to have a recliner with their best friend?

Of course this was taken a year or so ago, when he was able to jump into my chair. 

The reason for this blog post, and I believe in my heart:  we can learn from any living being. Two strangers put together to coexist become instant friends- accepting each other without bias.

Life is short. You are the only one who is responsible for your happiness. Make your life acceptable to you. 

During Tippy’s last days, Cinder tried really hard to get him to play. She would skitter past him, missing running into him by centimeters, rubbing up to his chin then giving him a soft cuff on the nose and running off. To no avail. He did not have what it took to play. She accepted that and laid with him by the wood stove whenever she knew he needed her. 

In closing for today, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are spending time with the ones you love and hold dear. Reap the benefits of love and happiness. Open your heart to more accepting and caring. Love like Tippy and Cinder- unconditionally and true. It makes your heart light. 

Oh- and it’s fine to be a bit on the silly side sometimes- that too will make a lighter heart.  Happy Thanksgiving~